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Synergy Guinea is a private consulting company created in the optic to solicit and facilitate Excelling Western and African Companies to do business in Guinea. Aside from providing consulting, we develop businesses in six lucrative sectors: Energy, Transportation, Agriculture & Fishing, Mining, Real Estate, and Telecom.


We provide market intelligence, develop market entry strategies, arrange introductions to local partners, senior politicians and business leaders, obtain local specialist advice on legal, finance and tax issues, project manage and establish local operations and supply logistical services.  


We will provide a total support solution to suit your particular needs to ensure your successful entry into the Guinean market.


We are proud of our accomplishments thus far which include introducing foreign investors to Guinee Government Officials, securing MOUs to conduct business or feasibility studies for companies, introducing Local companies to Western Financial Institutions for capital funding or loan agreement, and many other ad hoc market researches.  


We strive for Excellence

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