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The sector represents approximately 20% of GDP. Guinea has tremendous agricultural potential, offering numerous possibilities for accelerating growth and creating lasting jobs.

Agricultural activities have long been focused on traditional food production, focusing on crops such as rice, cassava, corn, yams, bananas, sweet potatoes, peanuts, mangoes and pineapples.


Investment Opportunities:

- The creation of processing units,

- Achieving conservation equipment and packaging,

- The creation of production units of inputs and various types of packaging,

- Growing fruit (pineapple, mango, bananas, coffee, cotton, beans, cherries,   melon, watermelon, etc.)

- Mahogany plantations, coffee, cocoa, cotton ...

- The winning products such as small chili and shea butter that require low investment, while their transformation contains a high added value.



Guinea has significant commercial fishing and aquaculture potential. Being one of the main food providers, it supplies about 40% of the country’s animal protein requirements. The government is aiming to increase production so to reach an estimated consumption requirement of 230,000 tons.  

There is also a huge potential for fish farming estimated at over 1000 hectares of shallow waters.


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fishing conakry3 Organic-Farming-Small

Arable Land                                                                  

6.2 million hectares (25%

cultivated annually)


Potential irrigable land

364,000 hectares (only

30,200 hectares currently



River Network

6,250 km, 1,161 streams,

23 river basins



Forest Approximately 2.7

million hectares, i.e.11% of

the national territory


Favorable rainfall

Between 1,200 mm in the

north and north east and

6,000 mm in Fouta Djallon


Shoreline stretching 



Fishing potential

Estimated at over 300,000



Annual fish consumption 

Per capita of 17 kg

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