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Mining industry is dominant sector in the Guinean economy and main source of foreign exchange. Bauxite is the main mineral resource with a reserve estimated at 18 billion tons which constitutes more than one third of world reserves. The country is currently the second world bauxite exporter and intervenes for 40% of this minerals’’ world market.

Other mineral resources are diamonds (reserves of 25 to 30 million carats), iron (6.5 billion tons), gold (1000 tons), manganese, zinc, cobalt, nickel, uranium etc.

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Simandou Project

It is developed in partnership with the Government of Guinea, Rio Tinto, Chalco and the IFC. The Simandou mountain range contains one of the largest ore deposits with high iron content.

Simandou is the largest mining, railway and port project under construction in the world.

The project will also generate demand for electricity, urban infrastructure, housing and a high demand for services to support the direct and indirect employees of the project. Initial assessments of growth potential throughout the corridor suggest a possible contribution of USD 3 billion additional to GDP.

Guinea, Rio Tinto Seal Deal on $20 Billion Mine


Trans-Guinean project

This 1,000 km railway linking the hinterland to Guinea’s Atlantic coast will allow the safe transportation of iron ore from Mount Nimba and the Simandou range and of bauxite from Dabola, Tougué and Middle Guinea. It will therefore enable the transportation of more than 60 million tons of ore.





Mining Sector

- Revenue of 600 million


- 15 % of the GDP on


- 20 to 25 % of

Government revenue

- 80 % of export income



- Largest reserve in the world

- More than 40 billion tons


- Production of 700,000

tons per year

- Potential of 15 million

tons per year



- Reserves of 25 billion


- World-class deposits:

N’Zérékoré, Beyla-

Kérouané and Faranah



- Production of more than

24 tons per year

- Potential of many thousands

of tons

- 500 tons of proven reserves

- More than 5,000 tons of

estimated resources



Between 25 and 30 billion carats

in estimated total resources

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