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Communications systems in Guinea are evolving rapidly, about 4.8 million lines in 2012. With five competing mobile networks, its telecommunications sector has shown triple-digit growth rates for three years in a row following the entry of two world-class international operators, MTN and Orange. The other competitors are Intercel, Cellcom and Lagui, the mobile unit of the national fixed-line operator, Sotelgui.


Broadband services are still very limited and expensive. The landing of the first international fiber optic submarine cable in 2012, and the setting up of an IXP in mid-2013, will go far to help the nascent broadband market develop by reducing the cost of internet bandwidth and improving the reliability of infrastructure.


Major Companies: MTN (Areeba, Investcom), Orange (France Telecom, Spacetel), Intercel (Télécel Guinea), Cellcom Guinee, MiriNet (Afribone), ETI, Universal Communication (DiscoveryTel), Ristel, Afripa Telecom, Alternet Systems, Broad Telecom, Soguicis, Thucatel, Telekom Malaysia.

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MarketPenetration rate

Mobile 67%

Fixed 0.1%

Internet 1.3%


Radio is the most important source of information for the public in Guinea, and the only one to reach the entire country.

One state-run TV station, Radio Television Guineenne (RTG); foreign TV programming is available via satellite and cable subscription services.




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