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The Challenges

Dear Investors and Potential Partners,


As you may notice throughout our website, there are tremendous opportunities in Guinea as its market offers vast potential for businesses such as yours.


However there are challenges in the form of entry obstacles, language, cultural and operating differences, barriers and tariffs, limited market intelligence and local expertise.


I think for foreign investors the first challenge is to know how to do business in Africa, to understand the culture to know its history, to know its people. You need to love this continent first.


There are also challenges with respect to the lack of infrastructure, poor roads, bad access to Internet, everything take much more time there than more developed countries. It is a different way to do business but things are changing.


At Synergy Guinee we will not only get you into the market, assist in developing the business, implement the sales activities and provide logistical support but we will educate you on the country culture, and advice on the socio-economical and political environment.


We provide market intelligence, develop market entry strategies, arrange introductions to local partners, senior politicians and business leaders, obtain local specialist advice on legal, finance and tax issues, project manage and establish local operations and supply logistical services.

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